Combine Hairstyles and Jewelry

Jewelry for short hair, medium and long hair

Jewelry can make all the difference in terms of a person’s look, but they are going to have to choose their different styles of jewelry carefully. A person’s hairstyle makes all the difference when it comes to jewelry and which types of jewelry are going to be flattering.

Combine Hairstyles and JewelryShort hair, for instance, is the best when people are really trying to show off different types of jewelry. Short hair or hair that has been pulled back or put up in some way leaves the neck and frequently the ears exposed. Elaborate earrings are going to be on full display with short hair, and they can serve as a distraction. In many cases, people are better off going with hoop earrings or simple studs if they have short hair. These earrings are going to be visible even if they are subtle. Simple necklaces like elegant chains of pearls or simple gold chains with pendants are often the best for people who have short hair.

People with long hair are going to need to choose earrings and necklaces more carefully. Elaborate earrings have a tendency to get tangled in longer hair. Simple earrings are more or less going to be completely invisible on people who have long hair. Hoop earrings look great here, as do all tiered earrings that aren’t going to get tangled. Statement necklaces and more elaborate necklaces are great choices for people who have long hair, since necklaces have to stand out more on a neck area that is going to be large covered by hair.

Hair that hangs between the neck and shoulders leaves a lot of options open when it comes to a person’s jewelry. Long earrings and necklaces can length the hair visually, and short earrings and chokers will do the opposite. This in-between length gives people lots of different options.