Good Relationships Need Good Communication

Whether you’re in a new relationship or been married for years, it is important to consider how you and your partner communicate so that you maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Relationships are all about communication. Without communication how would we know each others strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes?

Communication isn’t just about the spoken word, we communicate more by our facial expressions and body language. Good communication helps to build healthy relationships, to help you through the good and the challenging times. Here are some ideas to help you:

Communication needs trust

hand on handIt’s much easier to communicate with people that you trust. When you trust someone you’re not struggling to find the right words for them to understand immediately what you are trying to convey. When you trust a person, you have less anxiety about telling them what is on your mind. Building trust takes time and patience. You can build trust most with your actions. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it. If you arrange to meet your partner at a certain time, don’t be late. By building trust you’re creating a secure foundation for the future of your relationship.

Actively listen

Communication requires good listening skills. Do you really listen to what your partner is saying or are you thinking about something else, like what to get in the shops or what the latest football score might be? Do you listen so that you can respond with a solution to a problem or to add your own more exciting anecdote or experience? It’s not enough to listen once monthly or yearly, you have to listen all the time. This way you will know even after 50 years marriage that your partner wants a gift from for your wedding anniversary. If you listen well, your partner will appreciate the attention you are giving them. This shows that you care about them and want to support them.

Remember what your partner has said

When you listen well, you can gain a lot of information about your partner. Their likes and dislikes, their dreams and wishes. When listening to your partner keep a mental note of the important things they share with you. If in a conversation they have with you they mention a place they would like to visit, surprise them by arranging a visit so you can both go and enjoy the experience and create your own memories.

Simple Tips for Pairing Jewelry and Makeup Successfully

Wearing makeup and accessories are pretty much the finishing touches when donning a particular outfit:they accentuate your beauty. There are huge varieties of jewelry and makeup styles to use.

But you do not just wear makeup and accessories for the sake of it. There are factors to consider in order to create a beautiful look. The three tips that you need to bear in mind when matching your makeup with your choice accessory to complement your outfit.


beauty tipsThis is the safest way for you to achieve a beautiful look. Complementing colors always look pleasant to the eyes that are not difficult to pull off. If you wear a complete set of accessories, choose your main accessory which your makeup could complement. For example, if you want to complement it with the color of your earrings, apply makeup that will not clash with the color of your main accessory. It is not recommended to match the color as well, for it would look redundant and boring. Complementing makeup with accessories is actually suitable for everyday looks, whether you go to work or school. Take into consideration the color of your skin tone when wearing accessories and makeup as well. Lighter shades of makeup are suitable for lighter skin tones for the color can already stand out. So if you decide to get a tan, or have a tan complexion, then it would be best for you to apply darker colors to complement your skin tone.


As mentioned before, when applying makeup, choose an accessory to base your makeup color with. If you want to emphasize the trendy jewelry you are wearing, then match it with just one part of your makeup. For example, if you want to display your beautiful pair of red chandelier earrings, the best way for you to have people notice it is to match your lipstick color with the color of the earrings. That way, it will surely become a head turner. Another way of matching makeup with accessories is by taking a look at what kind of trendy jewelry you wear. For example, if you wear timeless and classic pieces, then your makeup should also be of the classic and timeless look. One way of doing that timeless look is by lining your brows to create a strong and yet classic look.


Most people are afraid of clashing colors due to the fact that sometimes it is really hard to pull off. But, the safest way to do it is by clashing the colors of your accessory or makeup with the colors of your eyes. That way you get to have your eyes noticed and your accessories noticed too. If you wear the opposite color of makeup against the color of your eyes, it would be like hitting two birds with one stone.

Once you have mastered the art of choosing a makeup style that would perfectly go with your trendy jewelry, you will surely be able to turn heads. This is also one way of feeling more confident about yourself while being more fashion forward and stylish.

Combine Hairstyles and Jewelry

Jewelry for short hair, medium and long hair

Jewelry can make all the difference in terms of a person’s look, but they are going to have to choose their different styles of jewelry carefully. A person’s hairstyle makes all the difference when it comes to jewelry and which types of jewelry are going to be flattering.

Combine Hairstyles and JewelryShort hair, for instance, is the best when people are really trying to show off different types of jewelry. Short hair or hair that has been pulled back or put up in some way leaves the neck and frequently the ears exposed. Elaborate earrings are going to be on full display with short hair, and they can serve as a distraction. In many cases, people are better off going with hoop earrings or simple studs if they have short hair. These earrings are going to be visible even if they are subtle. Simple necklaces like elegant chains of pearls or simple gold chains with pendants are often the best for people who have short hair.

People with long hair are going to need to choose earrings and necklaces more carefully. Elaborate earrings have a tendency to get tangled in longer hair. Simple earrings are more or less going to be completely invisible on people who have long hair. Hoop earrings look great here, as do all tiered earrings that aren’t going to get tangled. Statement necklaces and more elaborate necklaces are great choices for people who have long hair, since necklaces have to stand out more on a neck area that is going to be large covered by hair.

Hair that hangs between the neck and shoulders leaves a lot of options open when it comes to a person’s jewelry. Long earrings and necklaces can length the hair visually, and short earrings and chokers will do the opposite. This in-between length gives people lots of different options.